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The NBU comment on requests of the client accounts at PJSC CB "Privatbank"

8 February 2018

Press Release


The National bank has identified a number of transactions with signs of unlawful activities during the inspection of PJSC CB "Privatbank". The National Bank has already submitted more than 70 requests for operations on the number of accounts of more than 200 legal entities and individuals who are associated or may be associated with such entities.


In our opinion, the public disclosure of only one of these requests emphasizing exclusively on the media community representatives may indicate attempts to manipulate public opinion in order to put pressure on the National bank of Ukraine and influence the course of fraud investigations in PJSC CB "Privatbank" prior to nationalization.


If the suspicious transactions are confirmed, the National Bank will inform the law-enforcement agencies and the State Financial Monitoring Service according to the law.


We’re bringing to notice that according to the Law On Banks and Banking Activity, banking secrecy is attributed to information about clients’ bank accounts, in particular. Information about the banks or clients which is collected when performing banking supervision constitutes a banking secrecy. We would like to underline that disclosure of such information is unacceptable and persons who have disclosed these data should be brought to responsibility.


To recall, according to the legislation authorized individuals of the National Bank of Ukraine have the right to receive information from banks, documents and their copies, written explanations on the activities of the bank, as well as exempt copies of documents evidencing a violation of the Ukrainian legislation, including regulations of the National Bank of Ukraine.


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