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NBU Loosens the Deadlines for Increasing the Minimum Amount of Banks' Authorized and Regulatory Capital

22 December 2017

Press Release


The NBU took a decision to amend to the schedule for increasing the minimum amount of the banks' authorized and regulatory capital.


The respective NBU decision is based on a detailed analysis of risks in banking sector activities: currently, the situation in the financial system is stable, and the dynamics of Ukrainian banks' indicators are upward. Capital adequacy of small banks is sizably higher (more than twice as much) than the capital adequacy ratio. Findings of the diagnostic study of the asset transactions quality showed that out of the small banks group, solely four banks required an increase in their capital due to the poor quality of their loan portfolios. Therefore, objective factors enabled the NBU to loosen the deadlines for bringing the minimum amount of the authorized and regulatory capital to the specified standards.


The deadlines specified in the new schedule were discussed with the banking community, Independent Association of the Banks of Ukraine, Verkhovna Rada responsible committee, and International Monetary Fund.


Developing and revising business models should be the key task for shareholders and top management of small banks.


The timeframe set for banks to bring their authorized and regulatory capital to minimum statutory levels was amended as follows:


Amount, UAH million

Preliminary timeframe, deadline

Revised timeframe,



Since 11 July 2018

Since 11 July 2018


Since 11 July 2019

Since 11 July 2022


Since 11 January 2020



Since 11 July 2024

Since 11 July 2024


 The decision to this effect was approved by NBU Board Resolution No. 136 On Amendments to Some NBU Regulations dated 21 December 2017, coming into effect from 23 December 2017.


As of 11 December 2017, 42 banks have the authorized capital less than UAH 300 million.

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