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National Bank of Ukraine Scaled Down Requirements for Transportation of Investment Metals across Ukraine’s Customs Border

27 December 2017

Press Release


The National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) has scaled down requirements for transportation of investment metals across Ukraine’s customs border.


First, the NBU Board cancelled requirements for individuals to procure an NBU individual licenses to transport investment metals outside the country with weights exceeding 500 g. The permit to transport said weight of investment metals is granted under the condition of filing a written declaration to the customs office based on the documents certifying that the person in question has purchased investment metals from authorized banks and/or the NBU in full.


Second, the requirement is cancelled for legal entities to file for a special permit from NBU to import investment metals manufactured by a nonresident under the tolling agreement if these investment metals are to be sold to the NBU in full. The agreement verifying tolling and the agreement for supplying investment metals to the NBU are sufficient.


Above said measures will promote a simplified and improved procedure for transporting investment metals across Ukraine’s customs border.


Respective amendments were prescribed by NBU Board Resolution No. 142 dated 26 December 2017 On Amendments to the Instruction on Transporting Cash and Investment Metals across Ukraine’s Customs Border and will enter into effect on 28 December 2017.

Last modification   27.12.2017