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National Bank of Ukraine Increases Transparency of Communications with Citizens

12 March 2018


The National Bank of Ukraine raises the level of transparency of communications with citizens and their awareness about of the regulator’s work with citizens’ requests.


The relevant rules are provided for in NBU Board Resolution No. 18 dated 1 March 2018 On Approval of Instruction for Handling Requests and Personal Reception of Citizens in the National Bank of Ukraine.


This document aimed at implementing the Law of Ukraine On Citizens Appeals and regulates the procedure of relations between the National Bank of Ukraine and citizens in considering their requests, in particular:

      defines forms and methods for submission of citizens’ requests to the National Bank of Ukraine

      defines the requirements for registration of requests, including electronic ones

      it was established that the citizen who indicated in its request the mobile phone number after the request registration receives an SMS message with the date and registration number, and if the electronic request does not include a mobile phone number, the message is sent to the electronic mail address of the citizen

      it is determined that written responses shall be sent to all requests of citizens, registration of which conforms to the Law of Ukraine On Citizens Appeals and NBU regulations

      it is stressed that the responses to citizens` requests sent by post shall be registered letters

      determined the procedure for personal meetings with citizens.


Resolution No. 18 comes into effect on 13 March 2018.


As a side note, in 2017, the National Bank of Ukraine received and registered 15,434 citizens’ requests. Traditionally, the most popular topic of citizens` requests to the National Bank of Ukraine during the past year was the relationship under loan agreements between borrowers and banks (4,693 requests). Also, in 2017, NBU representatives held personal meetings with 95 citizens.

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