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The National Bank of Ukraine Amends the Regulation for Measuring Credit Risk by Banks

8 August 2017



The National Bank of Ukraine has authorized banks to establish debtor’s loan documentation (debtor’s credit file) based on electronic documents issued and signed by the bank and the debtor using electronic signatures. These amendments were introduced in the context of regulatory changes, in particular the Law of Ukraine On Consumer Lending, which has allowed banks to enter into consumer loan agreements electronically.


The Regulation for Measuring Credit Risk Generated by Banks’ Asset Operations approved by NBU Board Resolution No. 351 of 30 June 2016 (hereinafter –  351) has been amended.


Amendments to Regulation No. 351, inter alia, have:


      Provided for the application of consistent approaches to calculating the credit exposure requiring banks to  take into account the collateral value, lien over the collateral/ the sale of which is restricted by applicable laws;

      Required banks to identify a party to liability under the factoring with regress;

      Specified the requirements obliging banks to certify the act of control over  the availability of collateral in the form of real estate and land plots; and

      Established an appraisal procedure for the building society.


The aforementioned amendments are the result of joint efforts by the NBU and the banking community in the process of monitoring the implementation and compliance with the requirements set forth in Regulation No. 351.


Amendments to Regulation No 351 are approved by NBU Board Resolution No. 75 of 4 August 2017.




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