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Cashless Payments Growing Steadily in Ukraine (revised)

21 August 2017

Press Release


Ukrainians continue to actively use payment cards to make cashless payments.


In H1 2017, the share of cashless payments in total transactions using payment cards  accounted for 38.1%, having increased by almost 3% year-to-date (both in terms of the number and value of transactions).


In H1 2017, the total number of transactions  with payment cards issued by Ukrainian banks amounted to 1.43 billion pieces, with the value of transactions totaling almost UAH 908 billion, having increased by 23% and 28% respectively as compared with the same period of 2016.


Meanwhile, cashless payments are steadily increasing (by 30% in terms of the number of transactions and by 40% in terms of the value of transactions as compared with the same period of 2016.


In H1 2017:

-        the number of active payment cards increased by 0.8%, amounting to 32.6 million pieces;

-       the number of payment cards with a magnetic strip and a chip aдmost doubled, reaching 8.1 million pieces; and

-        the number of contactless payment cards rose by 12.4%, amounting to 2.3 million pieces;


In the first six months of 2017, the payment infrastructure expanded. The number  of trade and service enterprises that provide customers with opportunities to make cashless payments rose by 0.9% year-to-date (by 1,261 units), amounting to 147, 000 units.


The total number of self-service terminals increased by 7.3% year-to-date, amounting to 36,200 units, including

-       18,500 ATMs, 

-       1,200 deposit-taking ATMs

-        and 16,500 POS terminals.


In H1 2017, the network of payment terminals expanded by almost 6.9%, amounting to 234,000 terminals as of 1 July 2017 (as of 1 January 2017 –219,200 terminals).


As of 1 July 2017, Privatbank PJSC, Oschadbank JSC  and Raiffeisen Bank Aval JSC took the lead among the banks by the number of payment cards issued and the extension of the network of card processing infrastructure.


By regions, Kyiv, Dnipropetrovsk and Kharkiv oblasts recorded the largest increase in the number of payment cards, ATMs and POS terminals.


For reference: For reference: as of 1 July 2017, 87 banks, being card payment system members, operated in Ukraine.







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