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National Bank of Ukraine extends a loan to support current liquidity of BANK CREDIT DNEPR PJSC


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The National Bank of Ukraine has adopted a decision to extend a stabilization loan worth UAH 357 million with a maturity of two years to BANK CREDIT DNEPR PJSC (NBU Board Resolution No 185/БТ dated March 19, 2015). The above decision was made to shore up liquidity of this bank and enable it to meet its obligations to individual depositors.


The real estate owned by the bank and its property surety provider has been pledged as collateral for a refinancing loan. The collateral appraisal has been carried out by one of the leading international audit companies that meet the criteria set forth in the NBU regulations.


"Only solvent banks with high-quality loan books that comply with applicable legal requirements, have approved capitalization plans, efficient management, and enjoy financial support from shareholders can qualify for refinancing loans from the National Bank of Ukraine. All loans are granted against eligible high quality collateral estimated at fair value," emphasized First Deputy Governor of the National Bank of Ukraine Oleksandr Pysaruk. – "BANK CREDIT DNEPR PJSC meets these requirements and enjoys substantial financial support from its shareholders, which makes it eligible for a loan from the regulator".


Last modification   20.03.2015