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Banking System Business Days in 2018

14 February 2018


Hereby the National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) informs on setting the operation mode for systems of electronic payments of the National Bank of Ukraine and the Ukrainian banking system considering the transfer of business days in 2018[*].


NBU System of Electronic Payments operating days shall be transferred as follows:

      from Friday 9 March to Saturday 3 March;

      from Monday 30 April to Saturday 5 May;

      from Friday 29 June to Saturday 23 June;

      from Monday 24 December to Saturday 22 December;

      from Monday 31 December to Saturday 29 December.


On request, banks can execute cash transactions for customers without opening the operating day of a bank.


Banks are assigned:

-         to notify customers on the individual operating mode on the mentioned days;

-         to ensure timely payment of pensions, social benefits, other payments and continued operating of ATMs, exchange bureaus and ATM replenishment with different banknote denominations.


Last modification   14.02.2018