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The objective of research activities at the National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) is to create a favorable platform for high-quality policy decision-making in monetary policy and banking to ensure price and financial stability, as well as maintain sustainable economic growth.


The development of a research function at the NBU attempts to improve staff performance, raise awareness and the level of common knowledge, and creates a proactive position and positive image of the NBU as a powerful analytical center.


According to the Research Priorities of the National Bank of Ukraine from 2017 to 2020, the research was streamlined in three fields:


1.    Monetary policy: implementing the inflation targeting regime;

2.    Financial stability: micro- and macroprudential regulation policy;

3.    Macroeconomic modelling and forecasting: developing structural and econometric models.


The main principles for research are high quality, applicability, and open access. High standards of research are achieved through attracting a wide audience of the internationally recognized experts into research and reviewing processes, as well as stimulating the improvement of qualifications of NBU researchers.


The NBU maintains active cooperation in research with external researchers and experts. For this purpose, the NBU carries out an annual international Conference and Open Research Seminars. The NBU additionally offers a Visiting Scholar Program and Research Internship The results of research projects carried out by NBU staff and quest researchers are published in the Working Paper Series and the Visnyk of the National Bank of Ukraine journal.