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Open Research Seminars

In 2015, the National Bank of Ukraine launched a series of open research seminars for academicians, analysts, and experts in the deployment of modern methods of applied analysis (AA) to explore the macroeconomic policy’s effectiveness with a view to the characteristics of emerging markets. The objective of the open research seminars is to organize an idea exchange platform for its participants, disseminate the outcomes of topical and high-quality research, and increase their own research potential.


The format of an open research seminar suggests presentation of a completed study that already passed a peer review and was published in an international peer-reviewed journal, or that remains at the pre-publication stage.


We announce a Call for Expressions of Interest for researchers to collaborate. When submitting your applications, please include your CV, abstract, and a full version of your studies together with your presentation materials. Please send your proposals at: research@bank.gov.ua


Open Research Seminars.



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