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Requirements for the Article

Requirements for the Article

To ensure quick and qualitative processing of the submitted article, please, comply with the standards and requirements given below.


Each paper must contain the essential parts such as an abstract, keywords, introduction, literature review, data description and methodology, results, conclusions, list of references, and appendices (tables and figures with captions).

The abstract highlights the research hypotheses, purpose of the study, key approaches, and results (up to 150 words). Following the abstract, the author(s) should indicate no more than 5 keywords and up to 5 JEL codes (JEL Classification Codes Guide).


- The text must be one and a half-spaced, Calibri font type 12 pt;

- The length of an article must not exceed 8,500 words;

- Formulae and computations, equations, and other mathematical calculations presented to substantiate and confirm the results of the study must be included in the text as Microsoft Equations;

- Mathematical proofs and extensive datasets should be placed in appendices;

- Figures, formulae, and tables must be numbered by type consecutively throughout the text;

- Figures and big tables should be placed at the end of the article in appendices with proper references in the text.


The list of references must be given in a structured way after the title List of References (left aligned and italicized). Every position in the list of references must have a relevant reference in the text. The reference list should contain only published papers or forthcoming publications. The sources in the list of references should be listed in alphabetical and chronological order (starting with the earliest publication of the same author). If a reference is stated only in Ukrainian, Russian, or other language using the Cyrillic alphabet, it is necessary to translate it into English. Use of DOI is encouraged for online publications.

Journals: names and initials of all authors, year of publication in parentheses, title of the paper, title of journal, volume, number, first – last page number, website address or DOI (for online publications).


Bernanke B., Boivin J. (2006). Monetary Policy in a Data-Rich Environment. Journal of Monetary Economics, Vol. 50, No. 3, pp. 525-546.

Books: names and initials of all authors, year of publication in parentheses, title, edition, publisher, place of publication.


Laidler D.E.W. (1993). The Demand for Money: Theories, Evidence, and Problems. Harper Collins College Publishers, New York.

Other publications: names and initials of all authors, year of publication in parentheses, title of the publication, volume, number, publisher, edition, place of publication.


Flood R., Marion P. (1998). Self-Fulfilling Risk Predictions: An Application to Speculative Attacks. Working Paper, No. 124, IMF, Washington D.C.