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The Visnyk of the National Bank of Ukraine uses a double-blind peer review to select the most valuable research and maintain the high quality of the journal’s articles.

Each submitted paper undergoes the following steps for publication:

1. An author sends a manuscript to the journal's e-mail. At the initial stage, the responsible member of the Editorial Board checks the structure, compliance with submission requirements, and completeness of information about the paper. If the manuscript does not meet the submission requirements, the author is asked to resubmit a full package of documents.

2. At the next stage, the manuscript is sent to an Editor, who revises the relevance of the article to the priority areas, confirms its ethical standards, checks for plagiarism, and analyzes the quality of the research. A manuscript that does not meet the journal’s standards, or is of low research quality, is rejected without further peer review (desk reject). The author receives a letter that the manuscript has been rejected.

3. The manuscript that meets the journal requirements submits for review by two reviewers. The choice of the reviewers for each article is based on their expertise, reputation, specific recommendations and previous experience. The author receives a letter that the work has been submitted for review.

4. The journal uses the procedure of double-blind peer review, which means that the reviewer does not receive information about the author(s) of the article (and vice versa). The reviewer undertakes to comply with the ethical standards of the journal and provide a review. The decision about publication of the submitted papers is based on the feedback from these reviewers and the Editors' final judgment.

5. An article that has received two positive reviews will be noted in the journal publication plan as "accepted." The authors receive a letter of acceptance of their paper for publication.

6. If both reviews are positive, but include remarks and comments from the reviewers, the authors receive a letter that they should revise and resubmit the paper. The authors should take into account the recommendations of reviewers and correct any detected errors.

7. Authors should prepare a response letter with comments on the improvements made after the referee’s report has been received.

8. If the article receives one positive review and another review is negative, and the Editorial Board considers the results of the conducted research to be significant, such papers are sent back to the author(s) for further improvement.

9. If the authors strongly disagree with reviewers’ opinions and refuse to make improvements to their work, the paper is given the status of "rejected."

10. If the article receives two negative reviews, it is not accepted for publication. The author receives a letter that the article has been rejected without any right to resubmit.

11. All editorial changes should be approved by the author(s). The final versions of the article are agreed with the author(s). Upon agreement, original layouts of the article shall be assigned the "for publication" status in the publication plan of the Visnyk of the National Bank of Ukraine.