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Competition Announced for Specialists that are to Hold the Qualification Examination for the Bank Auditor Certificate

6 February 2018


The Ukrainian Chamber of Auditors announced a competition for selecting professionals that will prepare tests and assignments for the qualification examination for awarding the bank auditor certificate.


The competition will be held in compliance with the Procedure for Bank Auditor Certification approved by the Ukrainian Chamber of Auditors (UCA) No. 183/3 dated 11 October 2007 and approved by the National Bank of Ukraine as of 2 November 2007.


The objective of the competition is to select professionals on competitive bases that will prepare tests and assignments for the qualification examination for the bank auditor certificate.


In order to be listed for the competition applicants are required to have experience in compiling tests and assignments with at least a three-year employment at bank institutions or on a teaching position at a high educational institution specializing in finance, accounting, control, analysis and audit in banks and banking law, or hold an auditor’s position in a bank.


To enroll in the competition submit the following documents to the Ukrainian Chamber of Auditors:

      the application of intent to take part in the competition with the cover letter detailing professional expertise;

      a copy of the diploma of higher education awarded by an educational institution of III - IV accreditation level with a degree in Finance, Accounting, Economics or Law;

      a copy of diplomas on awarded academic degrees and academic ranks (if any);

      a copy of the employment record confirming the required seniority.


Applicants are expected to provide evidence of their competence and professional expertise in banking and audit, knowledge of the topic for preparing tests and assignments for the qualification examination, skills for compiling non-trivial questions and expressing oneself in a clear and concise way.


Based on the review outcomes of applications and documents the final decision on enrollment in the working group will made following the interview with the applicant.


Timeframe for filing applications: 1 February 2018 to 9 February 2018.


Deadline for reviewing applications: 13 February 2018.


The competition results will be approved at the meeting of the UCA Commission on Auditor Certification and Education to be held on 13 February 2018 as agreed by the National Bank of Ukraine.


File documents at the address of the UCA Secretariat:

10 Stritenska St., office 434, Kyiv, 04053


Е-mail: info@apu.com.ua; Tel.: 279-59-78, 279-59-80, 279-59-82, 279-59-83.


Contact Person: Lina Pohrebna


Documents filed past the deadline, incompletely or in breach of conditions will not be considered by the Competition Commission and will be returned to applicants.

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