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Open Research Seminar: economic policy should focus on reduction of "grand corruption" by public officials

07 June 2018

Press Release


On 4 June 2018, traditional open research seminar took place in the National Bank of Ukraine, which was dedicated to the relationship between corruption, tax evasion and economic growth. Maksym Ivanyna from the Joint Vienna Institute (JVI) presented the results of his recent research papers where corruption is modeled in the general equilibrium setting.


As emphasized by the speaker, corruption is a major impediment to economic growth and its harm is likely underestimated in cross-country empirical analysis. In addition, inefficient policies to fight corruption can further amplify its adverse effect on the economy. Acording to the economist, the policy should prioritize the reduction of a so-called "grand corruption" by public officials and, thereafter, pay attention on the crackdown of tax evasion. Meanwhile, competitive wages for public officials can be effective tool to reduce corruption. The research also spurred discussion on issues relevant for the conduct of a sound economic policy in Ukraine.


Research paper: https://bit.ly/2LoBaH3.


Presentation: https://bank.gov.ua/doccatalog/document?id=71227782.


Video of the seminar: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1eNa3PqFezg.


The materials of previous open research seminars are available via the link.


We invite potential speakers to attend the following seminars. The materials with the results of scientific research (article and / or presentation), the author's resume and the desired date for the seminar should be sent to the Research Division of the Monetary Policy and Economic Analysis Department at e-mail: research@bank.gov.ua.

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