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NBU Resolves Specific Issues related to Application of Corrective Measures to Banks

11 June 2018


The National Bank of Ukraine has amended the requirements for the financial rehabilitation plans and capitalization programs that the banks submit to the NBU.


In particular, the measures planned by the banks must be accompanied with the terms for their staged fulfilment and for the achievement of the set values of the capital and other ratios.*


If the measures developed by a bank do not comply with the set requirements, the bank is obliged to finalize them in accordance with the NBU’s proposals and comments and re-submit them within 15 days of the day of receiving the corresponding request from the NBU. The NBU Board or the Committee on Banking Supervision and Regulation and Oversight of Payment Systems shall take the decisions on the approval of the financial rehabilitation plans and capitalization programs.


In addition, the NBU has determined the following for the improvement of supervision over the fulfilment of the capitalization programs, as developed by the banks:

      general principles of drafting the capitalization programs

      criteria for assessing their eligibility

      ways for the NBU to ensure follow-up control over implementation of planned measures.


Moreover, the NBU has been entitled to take into account the measures taken by the bank, which were not provided for by the capitalization program.


The NBU has expanded the list of grounds for sending warning letters to banks as a corrective measure (due to the non-compliance with the requirements to the consolidated supervision), and introduced a new criterion for identifying banks as problem ones – for the failed or late provision of a capitalization program, restructuring plan, financial rehabilitation plan, or an action plan for eliminating the violations, or for the submission of the plans and programs, which do not comply with the set requirements.


The aforementioned amendments to the Regulation On Application by the National Bank of Ukraine of the Enforcement Measures are introduced by NBU Board Resolution No. 60 of 7 June 2018, which shall come into effect on 12 June.


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