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Amendments to NBU Procedure for Calculating and Publishing Official Exchange Rate Go Into Effect

1 Augus 2018

Press Release


Today, 1 August 2018, amendments to the NBU procedure for calculating and publishing the official exchange rate have come into effect.


The official UAH/USD exchange rate will be calculated on the basis of the information on all USD purchase/sale deals that were executed on tod, tom, and spot terms in the interbank FX market of Ukraine with other banks and with the NBU on the calculation date and reported to the NBU by trade information systems before 3:30 p.m. on the relevant business day. For more details on the calculation procedure, please refer to this source.


Simultaneously, from now on, how the exchange rate is presented on the official NBU website is changed as well. A new indicator called UAH/USD reference rate as of 12 p.m. is now available on the main page in the table Foreign Exchange Market Indicators. The indicator will be updated before 12:30 p.m. every business day.


The updated official UAH/USD exchange rate will be published 2 hours earlier every business day, before 4:00 p.m. The official UAH/EUR exchange rate and other exchange rates, as well as banking metals data, will also be posted, before 6:00 p.m. The NBU will publish the hryvnia exchange rate as of both the current day and the following day. Today, for example, the published information comprises the official hryvnia exchange rate as of 1 August 2018 and the set official hryvnia exchange rate as of 2 August 2018. Further on, only the official hryvnia exchange rate for the following day will be updated. As for the current day, the official hryvnia exchange rate published the day before will remain effective.


For more details on the official and reference UAH/USD exchange rates’ calculation procedure, please click on the link the procedure for calculating the official and reference rates underneath the table.


Please note that  due to the cancelation of the requirement for banks to confirm all FX purchase and sale deals  in Ukraine’s interbank FX market via the System for Confirmation of Deals in Ukraine’s Interbank Foreign Exchange Market (also known as ValCli) and due to banks’ migration to the Bloomberg and Reuters trading information systems, the National Bank of Ukraine stops publishing the current state of the FX market. You may find the archived data on the current state of the FX market through 31 July 2018 in the section Statistics, External Sector Statistics.



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