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NBU to Release Data on Scheduled External Debt Payments

26 October 2018

Press Release


In order to ensure openness – being one of the strategic goals for the following years – the National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) continues to increase awareness of the general public, the expert community, the media and other users of the statistical information by increasing the volume of data in public access on the NBU’s official web-site. In addition to statistics on the external sector that were already released on the NBU’s web-site, the NBU will quarterly release the information on scheduled external debt payments.


Statistics of the External Debt Payments Schedule to Nonresidents show future foreign currency payments of Ukrainian residents to nonresidents of principal debt amounts and servicing payments. The data cover all sectors of the economy including the public administration (the government), the NBU, depository corporations (banks), other sectors (the real economy), as well as payments for intercompany lending. At the same time, the Schedule data will not include future payments for specific loans such as trade credits, past-due loans, overnight loans, domestic government bonds held by nonresidents.


The data will be released in the last month of the quarter following the reporting one. The data will be published in the Statistics section (External Sector Statistics).


For reference:

The External Debt Payments Schedule to Nonresidents gives insight to forecast payments only for loans due on the reporting date. These data is compiled from reporting statements of banks on forecast repayments and servicing of own loans and customer loans in line with loan agreements with nonresidents. Information on scheduled payments of the administrative sector is provided by the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine and the NBU (regarding the debt to the International Monetary Fund).




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