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Dear journalists!


With a view to implementing the principle of information openness, the National Bank of Ukraine ensures the right of journalists to obtain reliable information promptly.


In order to obtain information and speed up the procedure for considering information requests, please forward your requests for information to the Media Relations Office or the regional branches of the NBU to the e-mail address and designated fax mentioned below. Please provide the contact information of the responsible person who can be contacted if required.



Contact information for mass media:


Tel. (040) 521-89-13; 253-52-84 (Mon through Fri - 9:00 - 19:00)

E-mail: press@bank.gov.ua



In order to obtain relevant information, press releases and other information materials, we advise you to subscribe to the newsletter at the e-mail address: press@bank.gov.ua


For a proper arrangement of the interview with the officials of the National Bank of Ukraine, please inform us beforehand about the desired format, date and interview topics.


Accreditation of media representatives and independent journalists is carried out by the Media Relations Office of the National Bank of Ukraine by registration after the corresponding event has been announced. Please find our contact information above.


Participation of media representatives in the events is open to the journalists included in the List of Accredited Journalists, which is compiled in advance by the Media Relations Office.


We are in favor of maintaining friendly relations with media representatives based on mutual respect and professionalism.