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National Bank of Ukraine Issues a 100 Hryvnias Souvenir Non-Payment Banknote

14 December 20188


The National Bank of Ukraine issues a 100 Hryvnias souvenir non-payment banknote , which reproduces the design of a 100 hryvnia Ukrainian banknote issued into circulation on 17 October 1918.


This souvenir banknote was created on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the events of the Ukrainian Revolution of 1917-1921 and the introduction into circulation of the first Ukrainian paper currency.


In the spring of 1918, the Ukrainian government decided to change the name of domestic currency from karbovanets to hryvnia, wishing to emphasize the heredity of the traditions of state-building since the times of Kyiv Rus. Thus, in the times of the Central Rada, the national monetary system was introduced in Ukraine, although it had been establishing under harsh conditions.


From the artistic point of view a 100 hryvnia banknote with the image of large wreath of flowers, fruits, vegetables, and wheat was the most valuable: it was designed and made by Heorhii Narbut. On both sides there are two women in national dresses with a bundle of wheat and a sickle in their hands and a man in an apron, leaning on a hammer, wrapped in a laurel. The inscriptions on the reverse side are placed in a large plant and fruit ornament cartouch, and on the sides there are decorative columns. The whole composition is crowned with a trident, framed with a laurel wreath.


The 100 Hryvnias souvenir banknote is made on a paper with a watermark (trident image). Its size: 80 × 170 mm. The issue of a souvenir note is 100,000 pieces (including 50,000 pieces in souvenir packing).


The main image of the front side of a souvenir banknote is a 100 hryvnia banknote of 1918 (its front side) with the inscriptions on the left side: NOT A LEGAL TENDER (vertically), UKRAINE (top), Dedicated to the events of the Ukrainian Revolution of 1917 - 1921 (below); trident, a historical symbol depicted on the 1918 banknote, and the year of printing a banknote - 2018.


To the left of the main image (below) is an optically variable image of 100 YEARS, whose color changes from golden to green when tilting the banknote.


At the right edge of the souvenir banknote there is a part of the see-through gray-blue 1918 element and a latent image of 100, hidden in a brown-violet square.


The main image of the reverse side of a souvenir banknote is a 100 hryvnia banknote of 1918 (its reverse side) with the inscriptions on the left side: UKRAINE (top), Dedicated to the events of the Ukrainian Revolution of 1917 – 1921, 100 YEARS (below), on the left side there is vertical inscription: NOT A LEGAL TENDER and a part of he see-through blue element.


Stylized images of Ukrainian flags under UV rays get a yellow-and-blue glow.


The souvenir banknote was designed by Volodymyr Taran, Oleksandr Kharuk, Serhii Kharuk.


The souvenir banknote, which is not a legal tender, is available from 17 December 2018 at points of sale: Cash Operations and Sale of Numismatic Products Division, Cash Circulation Divisions of the NBU’s regional  Cash Circulation Divisions, and distributing banks.



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