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NBU Updates Framework for Information Systems of Banks during Special Period

28 December 2018                                                                                                         


The National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) has updated the framework for operation of information systems of the NBU and banks during the special period.


The reason for updating is the need to improve the requirements for the operation of banking information systems during the special period, in view of:

      rapid development of information technologies

      considerable structural shifts in the NBU

      change of the legislation.


In particular, the NBU defined:


- the framework for information systems of the NBU and banks, other institutions - participants of NBU information systems during special period


- general procedure for the operation and backup of information during special period for the following information systems:

      electronic mail of the NBU

      NBU’s System of Electronic Payments (SEP)

      automation systems for monetary policy instruments

      automation systems for processing statistical and reporting information

      cash circulation automation system

      the system of automation of NBU banking operations;


- methods and mechanisms that participants of information systems have the right to use (as agreed with the NBU) to ensure the fulfillment of the functions of information systems during the special period


- the procedure for removing from information systems those participants that are not engaged during the special period;


the procedure for operation in NBU information systems of engaged banks during the special period.


The respective provisions are included in NBU Board Resolution No. 144 On Amendments to the Regulation on the Functioning of Information Systems of the National Bank of Ukraine and Banks during Special Period.


This document comes into effect on 1 January 2019.


Last modification   28.12.2018