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NBU to Perform Intercity Transportation of Currency Valuables

8 February 2019


The National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) expanded the list of its currency valuables transportation services and adjusted the tariffs for the provision of such services.


At the request of the banks, the NBU will be able to perform intercity transportation of currency valuables by medium-weight and heavy-duty trucks.  So far, such a service has been provided by the NBU only within one locality.


The NBU adopted this decision in order to:

-        execute effective control over cash circulation in the banking system of Ukraine in terms of cash transit

-        increase the total volume of cash entering the NBU for further processing

-        meet the needs of the Ukrainian economy in cash of the proper quality.


At the same time, the NBU brought its tariffs for services of currency valuables transportation to the average market prices for similar services. Such a step will allow to make the regulator`s tariff policy competitive. The respective norms are included in NBU Board Resolution No. 36 On Amendments to Tariffs on Currency Valuables Transportation Services Provided by the National Bank of Ukraine dated 7 February 2019.


The Resolution comes into effect on 25 March 2019.


Please, be reminded that the Office for Transportation of Valuables, NBU Central Vault, is responsible for transportation of currency valuables between the NBU and the banks of Ukraine.


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