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The National Bank of Ukraine Announces Sales of "25 Years of Ukrainian Independence" Gold Commemorative Coins though Electronic Auction Market

20 February 2019


The National bank of Ukraine announces sales of "25 Years of Ukrainian Independence" gold commemorative coins though electronic auction market.


The electronic auction No. E-16 will be held on 14 March 2019 at 11:00 a.m. by Universal Commodity Exchange "House of Contracts UICE". The auction will be held in the electronic trading system providing the possibility of a remote access.


Please find conditions of participation in the e-auction on the exchange's official web-site at https://www.uicegroup.com/uk/14-03-2019-nbu-commemorative-coins/, exchange's contact person: Yevhen Yegorushkov, tel. +380 44 461 5424, email: eegorushkov@uice.com.ua, Olga Pendzin, tel. +380 44 461 5439, email: olgauice@gmail.com.

Last modification   20.02.2019