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NBU to Revise the Criteria for Systemically Important Banks

28 February 2019

Press Release


The National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) will change the criteria it uses every year to compile the list of systemically important banks for the following year.


This decision is driven by the need to implement the international practice in setting the systemic importance criteria, particularly the recommendations of the European Banking Authority. The new approach will be more accurate in defining a bank’s importance for the market.


The NBU plans to finish updating the methodology for assessing systemic importance of banks over March–April. The NBU will publish the updated criteria, as well as the approved list of systemically important banks for 2020 that is based on the criteria, on its official website by 1 June 2019.


The deadline for defining the list of systemically important banks was postponed pursuant to NBU Board Resolution No. 46 On Amendments to the Regulation ‘On the Procedure to Define Systemically Important Banks’, which was adopted and took effect on 28 February 2019.


As a reminder, PrivatBank, Ukreximbank, and Oschadbank have been recognized as systemically important since 2016 in line with the criteria in force. They remain systemically important in 2019.



For reference:

A systemically important bank is a term used in legal framework of many countries to denote banks that, in case of bankruptcy or improper operation, could trigger systemic risks to the financial system.


The NBU can apply stricter prudential requirements to systemically important banks, including higher liquidity and capital ratios. This corresponds to the generally accepted global practices. Systemically important banks are also subject to special banking supervision.



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