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National Bank of Ukraine Amends Tariffs on Registration and Licensing

1 April 2019


The National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) has amended the tariffs on its registration and licensing services. According to the amendments:


      tariffs were introduced on a range of licensing services for cash collection, namely:

o    UAH 39,820 on issuing licenses to provide cash collection and cash in-transit services 

o    UAH 32,130 on approval of transactions on processing and storing cash

      names of individual services were clarified due to enactment of the Regulation on Bank Licensing (approved by NBU Board Resolution No. 149 dated 22 December 2018)

      tariffs on recording auditors in the Register of Audit Firms certified to audit banks, since the respective NBU function of keeping the Register of Audit Firms became obsolete after the Law of Ukraine On Audit of Financial Statements and Audit Practice came in to effect.


The respective amendments were introduced by NBU Board Resolution No. 54 On Amendments to Tariffs on Registration and Licensing Services Provided by the National Bank of Ukraine dated 1 April 2019 and enter into effect on 2 April 2019.

Last modification   01.04.2019