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Information materials

In the performance of its activities, the National Bank of Ukraine is guided by the principles of openness and transparency and publicity.  This position is dictated by the pressing need of the society to obtain quality, useful and reliable information on all aspects of national life and, in particular, the functioning of the government institutions.


As far as the banking and financial sectors are concerned, this need becomes extremely important as this implies the confidence of the public and businesses in the regulator's actions and the banking system as a whole.


Being aware of the importance of this objective, the National bank of Ukraine keeps the public fully informed of the main issues pertaining to its activities.


The ‘Information materials’ section of the NBU's official website contains various data that visitors to the website may find useful to help them understand the principles, current developments and processes that occur in the modern economy, navigate through the maze of information, and make efficient decisions in a complicated system of existing relations.