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Deadlines for Certain Export and Import Settlements to Be Cancelled

15 May 2019

Press Release


In line with the currency liberalization the National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) has streamlined currency supervision of compliance with settlement deadlines for export of works, services and rights to intellectual property, as well as for export and import of some goods. This is important for ensuring defense capability of the country, adequate access to medical services for Ukrainians, and development of aviation and aerospace industries.


From now on, the deadline on settlement for exports and imports (at present – 365 days) shall not apply to the following transactions: 

·         import of goods under defense government contracts

·         import of services or drugs under agreements of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine with special organizations, as well as import of services for treating people with orphan diseases

·         import of goods used for producing aerospace and aviation equipment and devices

·         export and import of goods in line with production sharing agreements

·         export of works, services (save for transportation and insurance works and services) and rights to intellectual property.


Streamlining currency supervision for the aforesaid operations is compliant with the Ordinance of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No. 76–D dated 13 February 2019 and consultations held by the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade.


Furthermore, the NBU has authorized banks to complete currency supervision of compliance by business with settlement deadlines on export of goods after crediting funds under the letter of credit.


Said amendments were approved by NBU Board Resolution No. 67 On Setting Exemptions and (or) Specific Deadlines for Settlements under Export and Import of Goods and Amendments to Some Regulatory Documents of the National Bank of Ukraine dated 14 May 2019. The amendments shall take effect on 16 May 2019.


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