National Bank of Ukraine

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The 'Monetary statistics' webpage contains data on:

Sectoral balance sheets (the Balance sheet of the National Bank of Ukraine, Balance sheet of deposit-taking corporations (excluding the National Bank of Ukraine), Balance sheet of other financial corporations), Surveys of the financial corporations sector and its subsectors (the National Bank of Ukraine survey, Deposit-taking corporations survey (excluding the National Bank of Ukraine), Deposit-taking corporations survey (including the National bank of Ukraine), Other financial corporations survey, and Financial corporations survey), deposits, loans, securities of deposit-taking corporations.

Data on deposits, loans and securities of deposit-taking corporations are shown by sector, currency and maturity.



Data source for compiling the monetary statistics is a statistical reporting of the National Bank of Ukraine and banks, information provided by the National Commission for State Regulation of Financial Services Markets and the National Commission on Securities and Stock Market about the administrative reporting of insurance companies, pension funds, collective investment schemes and other financial intermediaries, data provided by the State Statistical Service of Ukraine, as well as calculations and estimates by the National Bank of Ukraine.


Definitions and terms:

Financial corporations, deposit-taking corporations, financial corporations survey, balance sheet for financial assets and liabilities of the financial corporations sector, deposits, and loans.


Legal basis:

Law of Ukraine "On the National Bank of Ukraine", the IMF's Articles of Agreement, protocols on the accession to the IMF's Special Data Dissemination Standard, NBU regulations.



Ukraine's monetary statistics are compiled in compliance with the Monetary and Financial Statistics Manual (IMF, 2000) and the Monetary and Financial Statistics: Compilation Guide (IMF, 2008).


The methodology for compiling monetary statistics is in line with the requirements of the System of National Accounts, IMF's Balance of Payments and International Investment Position Manual, IMF's Government Finance Statistics Manual, as well as other official editions of the International Monetary Fund and international organizations.


Data are compiled and disseminated on a monthly basis for deposit-taking corporations sector (banks) and on a quarterly basis for other financial corporations sector (insurance companies and pension funds, other financial intermediaries, financial auxiliaries).


Reporting institutions:

National Bank of Ukraine.


Standards and codes:

System of National Accounts (SNA), Classification of Institutional Sectors of the Economy of Ukraine (CISE) Classification of Types of Economic Activity (CTEA), international standards, and national regulations on accounting.



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