National Bank of Ukraine

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The National Bank of Ukraine is one of the most important institutions engaged in the production of the country's official statistics.


The statistical function of the National Bank of Ukraine is based on a legal mandate to collect all necessary and relevant data in order to produce and disseminate impartial, reliable, appropriate, timely, consistent and accessible statistics in the areas under the NBU’s responsibility.


Under the Law of Ukraine "On the National Bank of Ukraine", the National Bank of Ukraine shall collect, compile and disseminate financial and external sector statistics, including:

monetary and financial statistics (Other financial corporations surveys, deposits, loans, interest rates set by deposit-taking corporations, securities, financial accounts of the financial corporations sector);

balance of payments, international investment position and external debt statistics; international reserves and exchange rates; financial soundness indicators statistics.


Statistics produced by the National Bank of Ukraine comply with international standards, methodology of the International Monetary Fund and best practices of the central banks of the European Union.


The National Bank of Ukraine attaches great importance to the quality of its statistics. It therefore takes into consideration internationally agreed quality standards, such as those formulated in the IMF’s Special Data Dissemination Standard and Data Quality Assessment Framework, which are in turn rooted in the UN’s Fundamental Principles of Official Statistics.


The National Bank of Ukraine aims to perform its statistical function effectively and to use resources efficiently when collecting, compiling and disseminating statistics, while keeping the reporting burden on respondents to a minimum and guaranteeing their privacy and protecting the confidentiality of the non-public information they provide.


Requirements on forming and submission of reporting to the National Bank of Ukraine are specified in the Rules of Statistical Reporting to Be Submitted to the National Bank of Ukraine. If necessary, the specified requirements are reviewed and approved by the relevant legal acts of the National Bank of Ukraine, which project is previously agreed by the bank community.


The description of the requirements of the procedure for the statistical reporting forming order is shown in the Register of indicators (Ukr), which contains information on identifiers and indicator names, metrics, units of measure, parameters, consolidation level, unclassed indicator details, references to legal acts, rules and particularities of indicator forming, file numbers, periodicity and period of limitation for the filing, respondents (providers of statistical reporting), control descriptions.


In the performance of its activities, the National Bank of Ukraine uses statistical data for monetary policy purposes, macro-prudential analysis, and financial stability analysis.


International organizations, national and foreign financial institutions, researchers, financial analysts, politicians, journalists, students, and the general public can extensively use statistical information prepared and disseminated by the National Bank of Ukraine in order to carry out analysis and make projections for economic and financial developments.


The data are disseminated both in a form of tables and in machine-readable format via API.


In the performance of its statistical function, the National Bank of Ukraine is guided by the following principles: professional independence, the mandate to collect data, adequacy of resources, commitment to quality, statistical confidentiality, impartiality and objectivity.


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