National Bank of Ukraine

National Bank of Ukraine Issues License for Cash Collection Services to Cash and Security LLC
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5 November 2018


The National Bank of Ukraine issued a license to Cash and Security LLC to provide cash collection services to banks.


Thus, at present, nine CIT (cash-in-transit) companies have already obtained licenses to provide cash collection services to banks.


Previously, similar licenses were granted to CIT Security LLC, Ukrainain Service Collection LLC, First Cash-in-Transit Company LLC, O-Mega LLC, Ahenstvo Kompleksnoi BezbekyOkhoronna Firma LLC, Panorama Prykarpattia LLC, Diamant Security LLC, and ComserviceBezpeka PC.


Granting access to the cash-in-transit services market for CIT companies is an integral part of the new policy on cash circulation.


For your information, under the delegated cash handling model the NBU delegates some of its functions to other market participants, as well as CIT companies.


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