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Banking Supervision Department
Director: Nataliia Dehtiarova

Tel.: +380 44 230 18 22

Main Functions:
  • conducting efficient offsite bank supervision on individual and consolidated basis over compliance by the banks of Ukraine, branches of foreign banks in Ukraine (hereinafter referred to as the banks), banking groups, other entities covered by the supervisory activities of the NBU according to the Law On Banks, with the banking legislation, NBU regulations, set economic ratios in order to ensure the banking system stability and protect the interests of the bank depositors and creditors
  • prompt responding to violation by banks, banking groups or other entities subject to inspection of the NBU according to the Law On Banks, with the  banking legislation, requirements of the NBU regulations, to risky activities threatening the interests of depositors or other creditors of the banks, and applying adequate corrective measures as provided for by laws of Ukraine in order to prevent the deterioration of the banks’ financial standing and to mitigate the current risks, protect the interests of depositors and other creditors of the banks
  • conducting current monitoring of the financial standing of banks and performance of the banking groups in order to define further supervisory actions for banks aimed at ensuring the compliance by the banks and other entities subject to the supervision by the NBU, with the banking legislation, NBU regulations, the set economic ratios, and promotion to protection of the interests of the banks’ depositors and creditors on the basis of surveillance of changes in the financial standing of the banks
  • detecting in the course of banking supervision of the signs of the parties association with the banks, drafting proposals on recognition of the parties as related to the banks by submission of those issues for consideration of the Committee on Banking Supervision, control over bank’s transactions with the related parties
  • conducting control over the banks’ compliance with the Ukrainian laws regarding conduction of internal and external audits
  • methodological assistance to the Automated Information System Bank Dossiers 
  • preparing and keeping supervisory reports, managing supervisory data, analytical support of the NBU prudential functions regarding the banking system issues.