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Mishel Ghassibe

Chief Expert, Research Unit, Monetary Policy and Economic Analysis Department

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Research interests

Macroeconomics, Monetary economics, Production Networks, Fiscal Policy
Selected Publications


Ghassibe, M. (2021). Monetary Policy and Production Networks: An Empirical Investigation. Journal of Monetary Economics, 119, 21-39.


Working Papers

Ghassibe, M., Zanetti, F. (2021). State dependence of fiscal multipliers: The source of fluctuations matters. NBU Working Papers, 1/2021. Kyiv: National Bank of Ukraine. Retrieved from

Ghassibe, M. (2020). Monetary policy and production networks: An empirical investigation. Working Paper. (mimeo).

Ghassibe, M., Appendino, M., Mahmoudi, S. E. (2019). SME financial inclusion for sustained growth in the Middle East and Central Asia. IMF Working Paper, 19/209. International Monetary Fund. Retrieved from