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Commemorative and Bullion Coins

Coins are a symbol of statehood and a rich source of information about important centuries-old events, traditions, culture, sports, and nature. The NBU launched its own numismatic program to mark important dates, and to commemorate ancient and modern events in Ukraine and abroad.


Commemorative coins

Commemorative coins have artistic value. These are limited mintage coins made of precious and non-precious metals. That is why the price of such coins is higher than their face value.

New coins can be purchased on-line (UKR).

Issue of commemorative coins and souvenir products planned on 2020
Issue of commemorative coins and souvenir products planned on 2021 

Mobile application "Coins of Ukraine"


Bullion coins

Ukrainian bullion coins are gold and silver coins that have a fineness of 999.9, and are used for investment and as a store of value.


Such coins classified as investment metals. The face value of bullion coins is considerably lower than the value of the precious metals they are made of.


Numismatic souvenirs

The NBU produces the following types of numismatic souvenirs:

  • medals
  • silver replicas of banknotes
  • silver souvenir hryvnias of the Kyiv Rus type


  • sets of circulation and small-change coins
  • commemorative banknotes
  • uncut banknote sheets.