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Office for Corporate Rights and NBU Depository Services

Head of Office: Andrii Suprun

Main Functions:

  • providing depository services to issuers and custodians by the NBU Depositary
  • establishing and maintaining correspondent relationships between the NBU and global depositories
  • providing custodian’s depository services for the NBU depositors
  • providing depository services on safekeeping of pension fund assets of the Corporate Nonstate Pension Fund of the NBU
  • servicing operations with deposit certificates of the NBU in the quantitative accounting system CERTIF
  • ensuring control over NBU investments into the authorized capitals of the SETTLEMENT CENTER FOR SERVICING FINANCIAL MARKET AGREEMENTS PJSC, National Depository of Ukraine PJSC, Inter-State Bank, and Black Sea Trade and Development Bank (hereinafter referred to as the companies)
  • ensuring exercising of the NBU’s rights as a shareholder in the corporate governance process of the companies.