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Financial Sector Statistics

Financial sector statistics (monetary and financial statistics) reflect the economic and financial relations of banks and non-bank financial institutions with financial markets' participants.

The NBU compiles official statistics on the financial corporations sector which includes:

  • Monetary Statistics consist of a comprehensive set of data on the financial corporations sector and its subsectors' claims on and liabilities to other sectors of the domestic economy and non-residents. In Ukraine, monetary statistics cover 100 percent of banks established and operating in the territory of Ukraine (except for banks under liquidation), as well as insurance corporations, pension funds, collective investment schemes (investment funds), credit unions, financial companies, legal entities engaged in financial leasing, pawnshops and financial auxiliaries. The main report forms for the submission of monetary statistics are sectoral balance sheets and surveys of the financial corporations sector and its subsectors.
  • Financial Markets Statistics covers interest rates statistics of the NBU, deposit-taking corporations (banks) as well as securities statistics.
  • Financial Accounts Statistics of financial corporations sector and its sub-sectors reflect transactions with financial assets and liabilities between resident institutional units and between resident institutional units and non-residents.
  • Financial Soundness Indicators Statistics reflect the indicators of the current financial health and soundness of the country’s financial institutions and of non-financial corporations and households.

Financial sector statistics are compiled in accordance with the international standards set out in such documents: