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About mortgage lending

Starting from November 2020, the National Bank of Ukraine publishes monthly the results of bank surveys on the volume of mortgages to households.

The data contains information on:

  • total outstanding mortgages and the number of mortgage agreements;
  • volume and number of new mortgages on the primary and secondary real estate market;
  • weighted average effective interest rates in the reporting month;
  • regional distribution of new mortgages.

The results of the survey are a self-assessment of the banks' own mortgage portfolios; they may differ from the official statistics published in the "Statistics" section. The differences primarily stem from data used by banks for the purposes of compiling this table, in particular, data from management reporting. This approach more accurately reflects the type of collateral for loans, and therefore the essence of the classification of mortgages.

Banks may update information for previous months, so retrospective revisions are likely in subsequent periods.

Whereas before the survey covered all Ukrainian banks, starting from February 24, 2022, the processing of the questionnaire and sending answers was complicated for some banks. Therefore, the file containing data for 2022 provides information from the vast majority of banks that hold mortgage portfolios or have issued mortgages in the past few years; and sent responses in the latest reporting period. The share of banks-respondents changes with each update of the file and is stated on the "Disclaimer" tab.