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NBU Resumes Monthly Publication of Results of Bank Surveys on Mortgages to Households

NBU Resumes Monthly Publication of Results of Bank Surveys on Mortgages to Households

The NBU has resumed the monthly publication of the results of bank surveys on the volume of mortgages issued to the households. These polls were launched in November 2020, but the publication of results was temporarily suspended in March 2022.

From now on, it will be easier to access bank survey results. They will be posted on a dedicated page of the NBU’s website.

Survey results feature the following data:

  • total outstanding mortgages and the number of mortgage agreements
  • volumes and number of new mortgages in the primary and secondary real estate markets
  • average effective interest rates for the reporting month
  • new mortgages by region.

The survey previously covered all of Ukrainian-based banks. Since 24 February 2022, filling out the questionnaire and sending in answers has become complicated for some banks. The data file for 2022 presents information received in July 2022 from 30 banks that hold mortgage portfolios or have issued mortgages over the past few years and provided survey responses for the reporting period (January–June of this year). The share of these financial institutions in the total mortgage portfolio is 97.3% as of the end of 2021. They jointly account for 96.2% of new mortgages issued in 2021. The share of respondent banks will change on a monthly basis as the file gets updated. Notices of such changes will be posted in the Disclaimer tab.

For reference

The monthly surveys of the banks represent their own assessments of their mortgage portfolios. They may therefore differ from the official data posted in the Statistics section of the NBU’s website.

The main reason for such disparities is that the banks use management reporting data to compile their mortgage portfolio data sheets. This approach better reflects the type of collateral for loans and thus the loan categorization criteria.

The banks can update their reports for previous months, meaning that retrospective changes in future periods are possible.

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