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Licensing Nonbank Institutions

The National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) issues licenses to participants of the nonbank financial services market and registers participants of the payment market in order to protect consumer rights in financial services and thus foster financial stability in Ukraine.


The NBU issues licenses to:

Nonbank financial institutions for the following financial services:

  • deposit taking
  • financial leasing​;
  • lending (including lending on interest)
  • guarantee issuance
  • insurance activities
  • factoring.

Nonbank financial institutions and postal service operators for:

  • money transfers
  • currency transactions
  • currency valuables trade

Legal entities for:

  • financial leasing
  • cash-in-transit.

The National Bank of Ukraine issues the certificates to individuals for executing provisional administration of nonbank financial institutions.

The National Bank of Ukraine registers the collection agencies to protect the rights and legitimate interests of consumers and creditors.

Search for nonbank institutions

Information on licenses issued by the National Bank to nonbanking institutions.

Ownership structures of non-banking institutions

Financial service providers, financial/limited payment service providers, collection companies and CIT-companies have to disclose information about their ownership structure. To disclose this information, financial service providers submit to the NBU ownership structure chart together with the information about their qualifying shareholders and final key participants in the ownership structure.