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What is the NBU brand?

The NBU Brand is a conception of characteristics and attributes by which we strive to be perceived, by other institutions and by individuals.

Transparency, independence, and staying up-to-date are the principlesthat define the NBU as an institution.  If individuals and institutions associate us with these principles, these principles will become our brand.

A powerful brand enhances the effectiveness of central bank policies and creates the prerequisites to build confidence in the domestic currency and the banking sector. Thus, the world’s central banks are working to build their brands, in order to perform our duties most effectively.

Major components of the brand the NBU is building

Effective policy

The NBU is effective in meeting its primary goals, which is reflected in Ukraine’s price and financial stability, and the effective operation of payment systems.

Institution, confidence, and reputation

The NBU has earned its credibility by building an excellent reputation with its main target audiences.

Domestic currency 

The NBU’s main product is the domestic currency – the hryvnia – on which Ukrainians pride themselves, and which is an important part of Ukraine’s brand abroad.

HR brand

The NBU is one of Ukraine’s leading employers. It attracts the best HR professionals and brings together the most authoritative leaders and experts.

History, office, and museum

The NBU is an institution with rich traditions, a unique main office building – the gem of Kyiv’s architecture – and the Money Museum, an important tool for improving the financial literacy of the public.