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To Individuals (users)

The NBU BankID system is a rapid, convenient and above all safe way to perform remote electronic identification of individuals for further receipt of administrative (public), financial, commercial, and other services via Internet.

The advantages of the NBU BankID System are as follows:

  • saving time - you do not spend time to get to the institution, queue, wait for checking of your documents by the bank employee as the bank you have the opened account with had already checked your documents before
  • convenient - your physical presence is not required, you should only have an opened account with the bank that is the system’s participant
  • user-friendly - no additional registration is required or downloading of a mobile app
  • safe - data transmission takes place at the user’s (personal data owner) initiative only.

How the NBU BankID System works

To receive online services at the institution’s website or mobile app, the users have to confirm their identity that can be easily and instantly done using the NBU BankID System:

How the NBU BankID System works


To check whether the institution is connected to the NBU BankID System, click here.

Data that may be transmitted (encrypted):

  • full name
  • date of birth
  • identification code
  • passport series and number
  • address of registration, address of residence
  • telephone number
  • e-mail address.

We would like to remind that only the personal data owner can agree for the data transmission, your bank transmits only the data given by you when opening the account.