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Inquiries on UONIA

If you have any questions, comments, proposals, or complaints concerning any aspects related to determining, calculating and publishing the Ukrainian Overnight Index Average (UONIA), you can contact the NBU directly.

Please submit your inquiries on the UONIA in any convenient fashion, namely via:

  • special online request forms  
    To speed up the processing of the inquiry, please select your inquiry type in the “Question” section and then choose “Money Market Indicators.”
  • e-mails to the NBU at: [email protected]
    To speed up the processing of the inquiry, please use the following subject line: "Inquiry on Money Market Indicators" (Individuals may use the form template. Legal entities could send their inquiry in any form, yet it should be digitally signed with the use of a qualified e-signature. Please attach any supporting materials if necessary. The maximum attachment size – 10MB).
  • sending a letter to the NBU’s mailing address:  9, Instytutska St., 01601, Kyiv.
    To speed up the processing of your inquiry, please indicate “Inquiry on Money Market Indicators” on the envelope.

The response is normally provided within 30 calendar days.  More information on the inquiries consideration procedure and the timescales for responding is available here.