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This page is meant to inform market participants about the NBU's interest rate swap auctions.

Information about an interest rate swap auction is available from the moment of its publishing until the announcement of the next auction.

The Notice about the NBU's interest rate swap auction is available here (UKR).

The results of the  NBU's interest rate swap auctions.

Schedule for the Interest rate swap auction

Auction parameters:

Date of the auction


Type of auction


Last payment settlement date


Date of calculation of payments

29.12.2021; 30.03.2022; 30.06.2022; 28.09.2022; 28.12.2022; 29.03.2023; 29.06.2023; 27.09.2023

Method of approval of applications

at the marginal fixed interest rate

Fixed interest rate payer


Floating interest rate payer

National Bank of Ukraine

The minimum conditional amount of the application

UAH 10,000,000.00

The total amount of the notional amount

UAH 500,000,000.00

Number of applications

not more than 5 from one bank

Applications are submitted:

through trade and information systems Refinitiv; IB Сhat; Bloomberg and FX Trading functionality until 12:00 on the day of the auction


Auction results:

Volume of submitted applications, UAH million 180
Volume of approved applications, UAH million 0
Interest rate on submitted bids of banks (in the case of a price auction), in% per annum:  
minimal  8,62
maximal  9,01
Interest rate according to the results of the auction  








Number of submitted applications, units


Number of approved applications, units


Number of banks that submitted applications for the auction, units


Number of banks whose applications were approved, units