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Banks Are Open Seven Days a Week

Banks Are Open Seven Days a Week

Even as martial law continues to be in effect, banks are diligently performing their functions, providing the necessary banking services to the Ukrainian people, including on weekends.

All banks in Ukraine remain connected to the NBU’s System of Electronic Payments (SEP) and have the capability to make payments to customers on a full-time basis – 23 hours a day seven days a week – taking into account their own needs and those of their customers. On average, it takes no more than 20 minutes to process a payment through SEP from a sending bank to a receiving bank.

On weekends, not only are bank branches and outlets open, but also they continue to ensure that cashless payments by legal entities and individuals are made in uninterrupted mode, and that the payment infrastructure (including POS terminals and ATMs) remains operational.

Thanks to the stable operation of the banking system, cashless payments and card-based transactions (through Mastercard, Visa, PROSTIR, and more) are also taking place on a daily basis. This means that bank customers can make cashless payments 24/7 or withdraw cash from ATMs.

In addition, banks keep their mobile and web-based banking apps up and running, so that customers have constant remote access to their funds and online banking services.

"The banking system is working smoothly even under martial law. We are grateful to all bank employees for their selfless efforts. These professionals are doing their best to ensure that the people of Ukraine, including its defenders, as well as businesses and the state, have timely access to their funds and payment services around the clock seven days a week. The Ukrainian public can therefore make payments and receive pensions and salaries even on Saturdays and Sundays," said NBU Deputy Governor Oleksii Shaban.

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