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NBU Depository Introduces Modern API Services

NBU Depository Introduces Modern API Services

The National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) introduced new upgraded and modern API communication services of the depository accounting system of the NBU Depository (hereinafter referred to as “the NBU Depository System”) with the automation systems of capital market participants (depository institutions).

New API services provide for the full range of automated depository transactions for capital market participants by engaging only proprietary internal systems of depository accounting that exchange information with the NBU Depository System. 

On the account of new services, market participants can establish direct connection with the internal accounting system and the NBU Depository System. These novelties not only automatize routine operation, but also introduce straight through processing (STP) for new products and services.

Market participants will develop their own cutting-edge solutions, including mobile and web apps for accounting and sale of domestic government debt securities that can be automatically integrated with the depository accounting system.

“Considering the current needs and developments of the financial infrastructure that is focused on supporting the financial homefront, the NBU continues even in war times to improve and expand its services.

Cutting-edge technology solutions will drive the fintech on domestic capital market and promote additional foreign investments in war bonds that is of paramount importance for Ukraine during the war,” said Andrii Suprun, the Head of Office for Corporate Rights and NBU Depository Services of the NBU.

Please note that API services are not mandatory and can be used by a depository institution at its own discretion.

Please be reminded that under martial law anyone can purchase domestic government debt securities under a simplified procedure, including war bonds, and support Ukraine in its fight against the aggressor.

For reference

The NBU Depository System is the system for depository accounting and circulation of government securities issued by the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine.


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