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Over UAH 1 Billion Transferred to Special Account of Ukraine’s Armed Forced

As of 28 February 2022, an equivalent of more than UAH 1 billion has been transferred to the special account the NBU opened to support the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The NBU has already allocated part of these funds (UAH 450 million) for the National Guard of Ukraine.

Money has been coming in from people and businesses in Ukraine and all over the international community (including the U.S., the UK, Poland, Germany, Sweden, Finland, the Czech Republic, China, France, Canada, and many other countries).

You can help the Armed Forces of Ukraine simply by making a transfer from a payment card of any bank in any country, and the funds will go into the central bank’s special account.

Funds from a payment card can be remitted here:

As before, funds can be wired through a bank account using these payment details.

As previously reported, the NBU’s decision to open a special multi-currency account to raise funds for the Armed Forces of Ukraine came after the authorities imposed martial law in Ukraine in response to Russia’s armed aggression and the threat to Ukraine’s independence and territorial integrity.

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