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NBU Provides UAH 51.5 Billion in Refinancing Loans to Support Banking System Liquidity

The NBU is taking emergency measures to ensure a proper level of banks’ liquidity. As part of these measures, the procedure for unlimited unsecured refinancing loans to banks to support the liquidity of the banking system was approved by NBU Board Resolution No.22 On the Specifics of Providing Liquidity Support to Banks Under Martial Law dated 24 February 2022. This instrument will enhance the banks’ ability to fulfill its commitments to customers (individuals and legal entities) properly and in full.

On 25 February 2022, the new instrument for unlimited unsecured refinancing loans was first used together with the standard liquidity support instruments. The NBU has held two tenders to support liquidity, granting banks UAH 51.5 billion in refinancing loans.

The banking system maintains its uninterrupted operation. Together to the victory!

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