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NBU Presents New Webpage Reserve Requirements

NBU Presents New Webpage Reserve Requirements

The National Bank of Ukraine, with the aim to increase the transparency of the banking sector, is opening a web page Reserve Requirements on its official website in the section "Financial markets. Money Market. Liquidity analysis". 

The new web page contains information about reserve requirements, specifically:

  • definition and intended use of reserve requirements 
  • explanation of the main terms related to reserve requirements: eligible asset, reserve base, reserve base calculation period, maintenance period, and more. 
  • current reserve requirement ratios and their historical track record
  • infographics of the required reserves volume trend
  • useful links to the regulations, etc. 
For reference:

Reserve requirement is one of the conventional monetary policy instruments used by the NBU to determine the percentage of attracted deposits and other liabilities, which banks must set aside.

By regulating the reserve requirement ratios, the NBU can influence the amount of the banks’ spare liquidity, the currency and term structure of their balance sheets, thereby contributing to the achievement of the NBU's priority goals.


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