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NBU Expands List of Data Banks Must Publish

NBU Expands List of Data Banks Must Publish

The NBU continues to increase the transparency of the banking system in order to provide depositors, investors, customers, and other users with financial information about the activities of banks.

To this end, the NBU is regularly expanding the list of information that banks must publish on their websites and that will later be published on the NBU’s official website. Effective 1 March 2022, banks will publish data about the distribution of loans by stage of impairment, in line with IFRS, as well as information on inputs that go into the calculation of the LCR. The publication of this information will improve the analysis of the quality of banks’ loan portfolios and streamline the assessment of the structure of their highly liquid assets. This will help all market participants make informed decisions regarding cooperation with banks, promoting financial stability.

Relevant changes were approved by NBU Board Resolution No. 10 On Amendments to NBU Board Resolution No. 11 dated 15 February 2018 dated 1 February 2022.

Background information

The list of data published by banks is determined by NBU Board Resolution No. 11 dated 15 February 2018 (as amended). Under this document, banks must publish information on their compliance with economic standards, open currency position limits, regulatory capital components, balance sheet indicators, financial performance figures, the classification of loans by prudential assessment of credit risk, the size of prudential reserves, the distribution of retail deposits, the amount of potential reimbursement of deposits by the DGF, and the results of the annual bank resilience assessment and stress testing


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