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NBU Calls on USA and EU to Freeze Assets of All Russian Banks

NBU Calls on USA and EU to Freeze Assets of All Russian Banks

NBU Governor Kyrylo Shevchenko called on the US and the EU to freeze within their jurisdiction the assets of all Russian banks, suspend their access to financial resources in the US and EU markets, and instruct their banks to sever correspondent relations with all banks of the aggressor state.

“Confidence has been and remains a foundation for the banking system operation. Today, compelling evidences exist around the world that the current regime in the Russian Federation, of which the Central Bank of the Russian Federation is an integral part as the banking system regulator, is distorting any internationally recognized standards and commitments in order to achieve its criminal goals. To keep on trusting and expecting good behavior from all Russian banks in the face of international financial sanctions against some of them and hope that these institutions will adhere to international AML/CFT standards means to ignore reality,” the NBU statement reads.

“To maximize the impact of financial sanctions and prevent the direct or indirect involvement of the US and EU financial and banking systems in financing terrorist attacks on civilians in Ukraine, we urge you to take decisions that will help in the international fight against terrorist financing,” the NBU Governor stressed.

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