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NBU Issues New Commemorative Coin To Thank Energy Workers
NBU Issues New Commemorative Coin To Thank Energy Workers (2)

NBU Issues New Commemorative Coin To Thank Energy Workers

On 26 September 2023, the National Bank of Ukraine (the NBU) issued into circulation a new commemorative coin called “The Country of Superheroes. We Thank Our Energy Workers!”

The coin celebrates all Ukrainian energy workers – modern Ukrainian superheroes and warriors of light.

“Even in times of peace, the work of Ukrainian energy workers is important, but in wartime, it is heroic!” said NBU Governor Andriy Pyshnyy. “Every day and night, under enemy fire, in bad weather, in spite of their fatigue and danger, these ordinary extraordinary people did their work. Time and time again, by returning power, they return hope with it, give the opportunity to live and work, and fight for victory! Therefore, in order to eternalize their feat, the NBU has created this modern minimalistic coin, that contains encoded symbols of winning light.”

Design of the new coin

This coin was designed by famous Ukrainian artist, illustrator and graphic designer Serhii Maidukov.

The obverse of the coin, against a smooth background, depicts a stylized composition that stands for Ukraine’s energy system. Its image is embodied in a symbolic sunflower blossom, each petal of which, like a lantern, illuminates Ukraine. It shines in the face of enemy missile attacks, and is like sunrise, which will definitely come after the most terrible night.

The reverse of the coin features a stylized trident that is made to look like three unshakeable and shining slabs. When the coin is turned, the trident transforms into the letter “E,” which is the first letter in the Ukrainian word ЕНЕРГЕТИКА (energy).

The coin is made of nickel silver, and has a mintage of up to 50,000 units. The edge of the coin is smooth, with incised inverse inscriptions indicating the coin’s face value – five hryvnias, issue year – 2023, and the mint mark of the NBU’s Banknote Printing and Minting Works.

Sales of the new coin

This commemorative coin will be sold from 4 October 2023 through the NBU’s online numismatic store. Overall, the NBU plans to sell 10,000 of these commemorative coins through its online store, with all of them being available from the day they go on sale.

In addition, starting in October, the coin will be also gradually sold by distributing banks (UKRGASBANK JSB, RADABANK JSB, TASCOMBANK JSC, and CB PRIVATBANK JSC) as they are delivered from the NBU’s Banknote Printing and Minting Works. You can find more details about the starting date of sale and points of sale on the official websites of the distributing banks.

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