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​​​​​​​NBU Issues New Commemorative Coin to Celebrate Europe Day
​​​​​​​NBU Issues New Commemorative Coin to Celebrate Europe Day (2)
​​​​​​​NBU Issues New Commemorative Coin to Celebrate Europe Day (3)
​​​​​​​NBU Issues New Commemorative Coin to Celebrate Europe Day (4)

​​​​​​​NBU Issues New Commemorative Coin to Celebrate Europe Day

Governor of the National Bank of Ukraine Andriy Pyshnyy and Ambassador of the European Union to Ukraine and Head of the EU Delegation to Ukraine Katarina Mathernová have presented a Europe Day commemorative coin.

This coin symbolizes the unity of Ukraine and Europe, solidarity in the struggle for democracy and freedom, our shared values, and our aspirations for a peaceful and prosperous future.

“Ukraine is celebrating Europe Day. And by presenting a new special coin today, we are once again, in full voice, telling ourselves and all around us that Europe is our home, that European values are our values, and that Ukraine is part of Europe,” said Pyshnyy. “We are reaffirming our choice and expressing our gratitude to the European Union for taking the lead in supporting Ukraine. The total amount of financial assistance Ukraine has received from the EU since the start of full-scale invasion is EUR 98 billion. These are important figures that make Ukraine stronger. For its part, the NBU has been working, is working, and will continue to work to bring Ukraine closer to the European Union.”

“Today we are celebrating the Schuman Declaration, which 74 years ago put in motion our common European integration project”, said Mathernová. “This day commemorates the birth of an ideal of peace and unity in Europe, something for which Ukraine is fighting right now, while at the same time undertaking many concrete steps towards its integration in the EU. This is a source of inspiration for all Europeans and reminds us that we should not take for granted what we have achieved so far. The launch of this coin highlights the strength of the links between Ukraine and the EU.”

Coin Design

This nickel silver commemorative coin has a face value of 5 hryvnias. It was designed by Nataliia Fandikova.

The coin’s obverse, in the center, features a stylized trident – a symbol of Ukraine. To the left of the trident is the EU’s official motto ЄДНІСТЬ У РІЗНОМАНІТТІ (United in diversity) (semicircular, above). To the right of the trident is a floral ornament that stands for the country’s prosperity and distinctive culture.

The coin’s reverse, against a smooth background, depicts the abbreviations EU and UA, which intertwine, creating a visual symbol of the unity of Ukraine and Europe. The two letters “U” seem to be one, forming the image of a new life that sprouts under the auspices of the European Union. Beneath are the legends ДЕНЬ ЄВРОПИ / EUROPE DAY, which are surrounded by 12 stars and that resemble those on the EU flag, symbolizing the unity, integrity and harmony of the peoples of Europe.

Coin Sales

This commemorative coin will be sold from 9 May 2024 through the NBU’s online numismatic store. 25,000 coins will be available the day the coins go on sale.

In addition, more of these coins will be gradually sold by distributing banks (the list of these banks can be found on the NBU’s official website), as they are delivered from the NBU’s Banknote Printing and Minting Works. You can find more details about the starting date of sale and points of sale on the official websites of the distributing banks.

The coin’s mintage is up to 50,000 units.



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